Anonymous said: •Random quotes for amazing people• "You can't fall if you don't climb, but there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground".

loveworldlove said: Hey there :) I know that sometimes it's just too hard to believe all of the positivity or encouragement that surrounds us, because it's so easy to say 'well yeah sure, but they don't know ME. They don't know who I am and that message isn't for me, personally.' It can be really hard to take the good vibes personally. But here's the thing: this entire blog of awesome feels exists for one reason - YOUR friend, who knows YOU, believes that you're worth it. Now that's personal buddy :D

Anonymous said: Hey josh! I don't know you or the person who's going to surprise you but I want you to know that no matter what somebody loves you and that you are so important and crucial to where the world and whole entire universe is RIGHT NOW that by just existing you are so important. I think that's pretty rad. You are also pretty rad! Ok bye

myprettylittleworldofdreams said: Hey josh,so I know how feel,trust me. I've been through so much and I gave up so many times,but there's always someone who brings me back up and makes me feel alright. I'm still fighting everyday against so much,and I still wana give up so many times. But I know I can get through this and so can you. It's just gonna take a while but,we'll get there.

Anonymous said: Even if u fuck up dogs still want u to pet them and kitties still want to rub on ur legs. Someone loves u even when u think u suck. Think of the baby animals josh. Think of the baby animals.

Anonymous said: Hey Josh-o. I added an "o" because I'm cool. Haha pretty rad right? Don't be intimidated, you're pretty cool too. We should team up. We could be a pretty cool du-o. Haha. Get it??? Like I added the "o" but its already in the word. Life is amazing

blogging-about-behaviors said: Hey Josh! Just wanted to remind you that there isn't an expiration date for your dreams. You can take as long as you want and try again as much as you need. You will get there. Be kind to yourself xx

Anonymous said: sometimes it all feels too much but just take some time to yourself and think of nothing stressful and just admire the beauty of existence. I hope this helps <3

Anonymous said: Josh, it's okay to be upset. It's okay to be sad. Your feelings are valid. But you won't always be sad or depressed or anxious or scared or upset. Things change. Life has it's ups and downs. And that's okay. And you will be okay.

Anonymous said: Josh, did you know that you can put Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron? You can use the icing as syrup, too. It's delicious! Try it out sometime. Chin up, kiddo.